Omega BMJ330 Review: Mega Mouth with Large Feed Chute

The Omega Big Mouth Juicer BMJ330 is the latest model in the centrifugal line of Omega. Omega manufactures supreme quality and dependable juicers. Let us look at its features.

Omega BMJ330

Wide Feed Chute: This new model has a very unique feature i.e. 3” wide round shaped feed chute which helps to accommodate large amount of produce. It can take in whole fruits without cutting.

Stainless Steel Body: This Omega Model is made of stainless steel which provides more durability and gives modern and stylish look to the electric juicer. The juicer bowl is sleek. The outside of the juicer is made polished stainless steel. The inside part is sandblasted so that it can cleaned with ease. This juicer has a sharp and durable blade made of stainless steel used for grinding and extraction of juice. The sharp and heavy blade can pulverize most vegetables and fruits. The juicer has rubber feet that will stand stable on your kitchen counter. The pulp bowl can hold a lot of pulp. The top of the juicer not only looks good but also has a helical design that does not allow pulp to gather in the chute.

Powerful Motor: 350 watt (½ horsepower) motor fitted to operate Omega Big Mouth Juicer. This model enables the blade to move and extract juice at 11000 rpm. The filter area has been increased so that maximum amount of juice can be extracted from the same amount of produce. It has been found from the tests conducted on this juicer, that it can produce 20% more juice from carrots. This model has centrifugal method of juicing along with automatic pulp ejection.

Higher Juice Yeild: The juicer has perfect speed, mesh size, and basket dimensions (angle, diameter, and clearance) that allows it to produce a higher yield of juice. The basket is very open so it is easy to clean.

Specs: The dimensions of this juicer 15.5” X 8” X 13”. The weight is 16 pounds. The price is $220.

Warranty: This juicer model comes with 10 year warranty.

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