Masticating Juicers Review

Masticating juicers are of three types – single gear juicer, twin gear juicer and single cutter juicer. Let us review each type in details.

Single Gear Juicer

A single gear juicer has a single auger or gear that crushes the fruits and vegetables and squeezes the juice out of it. These juicers yield more juice than centrifugal juicers. These juicers can crush wheatgrass, pine needles and aloe too. Besides juicing they can also make nut butter, grind coffee beans, grains, make baby food and many more. You can make soymilk and pasta too. They can mince meat and make frozen dessert. They are multifunctional and therefore can be useful for any kitchen.

The motor of the single gear masticating juicers operates at a very low speed. The RPM of the gear is 80. This ensures no heat build up as a result no damage is done to the living enzymes in juice that are very useful for the body. The juice is not foamy and frothy as you get in centrifugal juicers due to high speed rotation. The single gear produces lesser foam than double gear. This ensures greater shelf life of the juice.

Many of the single gear juicers like Omega J8005 have automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing. Moreover, the masticating juicers do not produce any fine crushed pulp that requires a fine mesh filter. This also enables easier cleaning. This model also has reverse mode to prevent clogging. They are equipped with high quality motor. The juicers are available with quite a many years of guarantee.

Most users find the prices of single gear masticating juicers quite reasonable, provided the all round functionalities present in them. The units are very quiet compared to centrifugal juicers. Most users say they don’t hear anything beyond a mild grinding sound.

Some of the single gear masticating juicers requires you to put chopped fruits and vegetables for juicing in the feeding chute. So some of the users are a little concerned about the cutting and chopping that they will need to do before juicing, which is not required in centrifugal juicers.

Twin Gear Juicers

Twin gears masticating juicers are the most efficient of all types of juicers available in the market. They are bit costly too compared to other juicers. They yield the highest quality of juice compared to single gear masticating juicer or a centrifugal juicer.

The twin gear masticating juicers have two gears fitted in them at a close distance. The produce is passed in the gap between the two counter rotating gears. They compress the juice out of the produce leaving the pulp dry. If the dryness of the pulp is the measurement of the efficiency of a masticating juicer, then twin gear juicer is the most efficient.

These juicers are particularly efficient in extracting juice from produce which are otherwise difficult to juice. Like wheatgrass. This is quite a costly crop that has fibrous and tough leaves. High compression is needed to juice it. A twin gear masticating juicer can exert the optimum pressure to extract the juice out of it. The juice is great to taste. Many users opine that frozen fruits especially banana taste like ice-cream once passed through twin gear masticating juicer.

The speed of rotation of a juicer is in important consideration before buying it. The slower the speed, the lesser the oxidation. The twin gear juicer rotates between 80 to 135 rpm. This is the optimum to preserve the juice quality and nutritional benefits of the juice.

The twin gear masticating juicer is quite an intricate unit. It is a little complicated to assemble and time consuming for an involved clean up, so make sure you are aware of this before you buy. Another flip side of twin gear masticating juicer is that they are not the right juicer for soft fruits. The single gear juicer is best for soft fruits.

Single Cutter Masticating Juicer

The Champion single cutter masticating juicer is most famous in this category. The single cutter masticating juicer with stainless steel body and cutter are durable. The blade also resists food odor and stains.

Assembling and dissembling the juicer is very easy. It is easy to clean too. The floating cutter helps to crush the produce, the juice is then separated from the pulp. The juice is forth free and darker, richer color of the juice indicates higher vitamin, enzyme and mineral content. The juicer can juice almost all vegetable and fruits.

One minor disadvantage of the Champion 2000 juicer is that operating it requires some muscle power witch is not advisable for elderly people suffering from arthritis.

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