Omega J8006 Parts and Accessories

Parts and Accessories

Drum. Omega 8006 comes with a durable drum in which the juicing takes place.

Nozzle set. Omega J6006 masticating juicer is available with six nozzles that are meant for various purposes.

Cleaning brush. The cleaning brush is very effective for cleaning the juicing screen.

Plunger. The plunger that is provided with juicer is required to insert pressure on produce in the chute while juicing.

Collection Bowls. The Collection bowls of Omega J8006 is larger than that of other juicers of this line.

Hopper. One of the omega juicer parts, the black-color hopper of the juicer is slick to look at.

Drum cap. The drum cap is required to close the drum while juicing.

Auger. The juicer has an ulem auger, which is made of hard, industrial strength plastics that can squeeze the all the juice and leave the pulp absolutely dry. The other juicers of Omega line has melamine-made auger, but the ulem stone–mill shaped auger is 8 times stronger than the melamine version.

Besides these you will get a blank insert, a sieve and a juicing screen.