Champion juicer – Assembly and Cleaning

Assembly, Operation and Cleaning

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 has been designed with two prime things in mind. One is simplicity and other is heavy duty commercial use. And the juicer beautifully discharges both.

Begin the process of assembly by placing a screen on the body of the juicer. Slide in a blank and screen holder over the screen. Now place the cutter on the juicer’s motor shaft. Now slide in the body with screen. Now put the funnel on the feeding tube to insert the produce.

Place the bowls for colleting the juice and the pulp in appropriate places. Now turn on the Champion juicer by flipping the switch. Push the fruits and vegetables through the funnel with the tamper.

Since there is a single process of juicing, there is no need of cleaning in-between. All the parts can be washed with cold water. One needs to slide the floating cutter from the shaft by way of quick turn. It should also be kept in mind mild liquid washing detergent should be used for easy cleaning and wiping and no excessive scrubbing should be applied.

Take a look at the video that shows the operations of a champion juicer.