Making Nut Butter

Most of the masticating juicers are multi-functional. Making nut butter is one of the functions of these juicers. It is easy and the butter that is made is fantastic in texture and delicious.

Both single gear masticating juicer and double gear masticating juicers can homogenize and therefore make butters, fruit leather and sauce. However, centrifugal juicers will not be able to make nut butters. The food processors will not do an equivalent job to that of a masticating juicer. Nut butter made at home is healthier compared to those bought from shops.

Nut butters can be made both from roasted and raw nuts. But nuts when roasted often have a changed molecular structure and are not as healthy as when raw.  Combine various types of nuts like almond, cashews and peanuts.  When you make nut butters at home it is free of the harmful preservative that are found in nut butters bought from the market. Here is a simple recipe for making nut butters.

What you will need:

You can take any variety of nuts, nut oil available in the market and a masticating juicer.


You will begin by preparing your juicer for homogenizing function. In most masticating juicers this would mean replacing the juicing screen with a blank plate. You should have a proper bowl to catch the butter from the ejection chute.

Now pour in one half of the nuts and put on the machine. You can now add but oil to have creamy nut butter. Now you can our other half of the nuts. Push the nuts slowly to get a creamy texture, otherwise it may come out chunky. Add a little salt to taste.

You can now add chopped up nuts of different variety than that used in making the cream. You can also add coconut flakes and chocolate chips for a different flavor. Adding dried fruits is also a good idea. Store the butter in a glass container and keep it in the refrigerator. Eat it within a week.

Chocolate Peacan Nut Butter

It is such a great accompaniment to a banana or celery slice, or flax crackers. Give it a try!

You have to assemble the juicer in the same way to make this recipe as you did when making nut butter. Now take two cups of peacan nuts.   

You can pour the nuts in the juicer. Add some oil. Preferably, olive oil to get a creamier texture.  Push the nuts through the feeder slowly, to get a creamier texture. Once the butter comes out, you can add a little honey and a little cocoa.  All you need to have at home is a masticating juicer.  Never try making nut butter in a centrifugal juicer.

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