Gerson Therapy Juicer

The idea behind the Gerson Therapy Juicer has been developed by Dr. Gerson. It was Dr. Gerson who first developed the Gerson therapy that involved consuming huge amounts of vegetable and fruit nutrients as remedy to some serious diseases. He believes that the selection of the right Gerson therapy juicer would bring about the solution to the loss of essential nutrients caused due to the high speed rotating blades of normal blenders and liquefiers.

Consuming huge amount of restorative and healing juices is what is aimed by the Gerson Therapy. This is the therapy which intends to treat serious diseases and illness. For the success of the Gerson therapy, the use of the right kind of juicer thus became essential. This led to the research of the best Gerson therapy juicers available on market.

For patients to consume high levels of fruit as well as vegetable nutrients each day, it was essential to process a large amount of veggies and fruits. It might be impossible for a patient to munch and chew whole vegetables and fruits. Moreover, the blended form does not remove the bulk ingredients. On the other hand, it was found that a Gerson juicer does away with bulky fibers from the ingredients. And it also enables patients to get all the nutritional advantages. Nevertheless, it makes it easy to consume the drink.

After research, Dr Gerson concluded that the two stage juicing process is essential so as to fetch the best results from this treatment. The 2-step procedure involved grinding vegetables and fruits at first and then mixing pulp together. Lastly, pressing the pulp in order to extract the juice out of it.

According to the Gerson Therapy Treatment Centers, it is believed that the two-stage method of juice extraction helps extract more minerals, vital enzymes and other nutrients to help bring the regenerative and healing effects of Gerson Therapy. In this respect, Gerson Institute recommends Nowalk Juicer which is powered with hydraulic action and thus requires less energy to use it.

Another recommended juicer is the Champion juicer for its two-stage juicing procedure. It doesn’t press the juice whatsoever. So it should be used in combination with another juice-press to ensure the desired quality of juice for Gerson Therapy.

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