Masticating Juicers Comparison

As you have probably read in our other pages or different websites, there are a lot of types of masticating juicers and they can be classified by their types, make and what they can be used for.

So which juicer to buy? There was a line somewhere else that caught my attention – “Choosing a juicer usually comes down to two things, your state of health and your state of wealth. There are many types of juicers around, it depends on the quality of juice required and how much you’re willing to pay”

People usually like easy to clean, efficient juicers where replacement parts are easy to find.

Before comparing juicers, deciding what you want in the juicer

Whatever be the type or brand of juicer, it is important to have a few things like motor speeds and ease of cleaning in mind. Watch the below video for the basics before buying a juicer.

Compare how juicers work – Centrifugal and Masticating  juicers

Now comes the general question of whether you want to buy a general centrifugal juicer or the masticating juicer. This website boasts its honesty, so let us tell you that masticating juicer. But these juicers do have an edge over the centrifugal juicer. Watch the below video that clearly explains the difference between the centrifugal and masticating juicers.

Compare how masticating juicers are made – Single or twin gear?

By general category of make, the masticating juicers come as single gear or dual/twin gear juicers.

How is the juicing sone – Compare Electric and Manual  juicers

Some people prefer not have electric juicers and hence look for manual masticating juicers like the Lexen Manual Healthy Juicer or the Tribest Z Star juicer especially for wheatgrass juicing. Watch the below video to understand the benefits of manual juicers and if you want to choose one of the manual masticating juicer models.

Compare the models in a popular brand of Masticating  juicers

If you are decided on a brand and say you want the Omega juicer but are wondering which model to choose, here are some comparisons of the4 Omega juicer

Compare Commercial Masticating  juicers

Some prefer the commercial juicers like the Champion 2000 commercial juicer or the Omega juicer. See compare commercial juicers for more details.

Compare the popular best-selling models – Hurom and Omega VRT330

While most masticating juicers are horizontal extractor models, the vertical juicers like the Hurom Slow juicer and the Omega VERT 330 are becoming very popular as well.

Finally, decide on the juicer and the best prices available……

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August 31, 2010

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